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How Supplements Can Help During COVID-19

Written by: CodeClouds


Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a lot of speculation on the role of supplements in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Currently, there is no strong research that supports supplemental therapy for the prevention and treatment of individuals with COVID-19. With the current pandemic, it is important to understand that no specific diet, supplement, or other lifestyle modification apart from proper hygiene practices and social distancing can protect you from COVID-19.

According to the CDC, individuals who are 65 years old and above and those with pre-existing conditions are at a high risk of developing severe complications when they contract COVID-19. The immune system plays a huge role in fighting COVID-19 related complications, and with a strong immune system, you will have a higher chance of successfully fighting off the virus if you contract it.

The Immune System

The immune system consists of a sophisticated collection of chemicals, processes, and cells that constantly defend the body against invading pathogens – which include bacteria, toxins, and viruses. Keeping your immune system strong year-round is vital when it comes to preventing illnesses and infections. Healthy lifestyle choices like eating nutritious foods and getting adequate sleep and exercise are the best methods of bolstering your immune system.

Additionally, research has shown that taking supplements with certain minerals, vitamins, and herbs can significantly improve your immune response and possibly protect you from illnesses. Below are some of the supplements and superfoods that are well-known for their immune-boosting potential and can help you during this unpredictable pandemic.


Black elderberry has long been used in treating infections. It is currently being researched for its effects on the immune system. In recent studies, elderberry extracts showed potent antiviral and antibacterial potential against pathogens that are responsible for strains of the influenza virus and upper respiratory tract infections. The initial COVID-19 infection targets the epithelial cells that line the upper respiratory tract.

Elderberry supplements have also been shown to improve the immune system response and can also aid in reducing the severity and duration of colds, in addition to reducing symptoms linked to viral infections.

Elderberry supplements are usually taken in either capsule or liquid form; however, at NEW AGE™, we have formulated Immune Support Gummies that include elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C and make boosting your immune system fun and delicious. These gummies provide the equivalent of 3 g of black elderberry for each serving (one serving is equal to 2 gummies).

Vitamin C

This is the most popular supplement that is taken to protect against infection because of its key role in the immune system. Vitamin C supports the function of various immune cells and improves their ability to protect the body from infection. It is also vital for cellular regeneration—which helps in maintaining the immune system by getting rid of old cells and replacing them with new ones.

Vitamin C also works as a powerful antioxidant and protects against the damage that is caused by oxidative stress, which has been linked to several diseases.

Taking vitamin C has been shown to lessen the severity and duration of upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold. The supplementation of vitamin C helps reduce the duration of the common cold in adults by 8% and 14% in children.

Our Vitamin C Gummies are an excellent source of vitamin C, as they contain approximately 250 mg of vitamin C per serving and considerably less sugar than a glass of OJ. These gummies are perfect for those looking for a tastier and more enjoyable way of taking vitamins and supplements.


Zinc is a common mineral that is added to supplements and other products such as lozenges to help boost the immune system. Just like vitamin C, zinc is critical for everyday immune system functions. This essential mineral is used by the body for immune cell development and communication. It also plays an essential role in protecting your cells from inflammation.

A deficiency in zinc will considerably affect your immune system’s ability to properly function, resulting in an increased risk of illness and infections such as pneumonia. Zinc deficiency affects approximately 2 billion people globally, and this issue is prevalent in older adults, with more than 30% of adults considered to be zinc deficient.

Our Immune Support Gummies are soft and chewable—and they make taking vitamins much easier and fun for both kids and adults. These gummies will supply you with 60 mg of vitamin C, and they are also enriched with Pantothenic acid (B5), elderberry, and zinc. The potent antioxidants in these gummies will serve as the body’s ultimate shield and keep your tissues, joints, and muscles healthy and strong.

Vitamin K2 + D3

Research has shown that a combination of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 offers a lot of advantages to the body, and this includes improving immune system balance, arterial health, and optimal bone health. Vitamin D protects the lungs from infection via the stimulation of proteins in white blood cells and the respiratory tracts. Having the right levels of vitamin D in your body can help reduce your risk of developing autoimmune conditions, and lower your risk of getting sick.

Vitamin K2 plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy blood sugar balance and also in cardiovascular health. Research studies have shown that adequate vitamin K2 levels in the body have been linked with optimal cardiovascular health markers. Studies have also shown that vitamin K plays a critical role in balancing the immune system. The Framingham Offspring Study showed a strong link between stronger immune function and higher blood levels of vitamin K and D among the participants.

Our K2 + D3 Capsules also include calcium as vitamin D allows the body to more effectively absorb calcium

Ashwagandha Root

The Ashwagandha root is well-known for its stress-lowering effects. This herb reduces the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands in the body’s response to stress. A daily dosage of 125 mg to 5 g of Ashwagandha for 1 to 3 months has been shown to significantly reduce the levels of cortisol in the body by 11 to 32%.

A dosage of 500 to 600 mg of Ashwagandha per day for a period of 6 to 12 weeks has been found to reduce anxiety and also reduce the likelihood of insomnia in individuals with anxiety disorder and stress.

Research studies have also shown that 12 ml of Ashwagandha root extract per day can increase the levels of immune cells in the body, and thus it helps in fighting infections.


In closing, although these times may be stressful and uncertain, it is important to remember that your health and wellbeing should be top-of-mind. Our team here at NEW AGE will be here to support you and your family and we will continue to offer products to help maintain your healthy lifestyle.


Do not exceed recommended doses. Always consult your healthcare professional before taking this or any other dietary supplement, especially if you are 18, pregnant or nursing, or if you have a known medical condition. Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur.

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